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What Are the Chances of Finding Your Soulmate?

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I believe that there is someone out there for everyone, but the world isn’t really that small, so how can people actually expect to find the ONE when there are six billion other people out there?

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18 Comments For This Post

  1. Miss Toe Says:

    The myth is that there is ONLY one. Face it…you’ve got lots of chances!

  2. cristanine Says:

    378 billion :1

  3. Cyrus J. M. Says:

    Pretty good because I’ve found mine and her name is Iris.

  4. xXlauraXx Says:

    i know its kind of sad that some people never find their love :(

    i beleive in it, and i think somehow you do find your soulmate. theyre just kind of drawn to you.

  5. ~Pleasure N Pain~ Says:

    Slim to none sister!!J/K
    well I believe that everyone you meet God sends you ..
    and you decide who to seed out of your life
    a true soul mate will find you better yet you will find each other ..

  6. Einstein Says:

    I have finally found mine at the ripe old age of 32!!! I think there are probably more than one for each person but I know I’ve found mine. I never dated anybody just to have someone there. As a result I wasn’t tied down when the right one came along. You have to be willing to spend some nights alone in order to find the right one. The more you slut yourself around the harder it becomes to find the right one! Good luck!

  7. dorf2004 Says:

    Hope, and patience…

    Above all, when you aren’t looking for it. Thats how i found my “one” and thats why we are getting married..

    Also being a christian, i believe it is God’s hand moving the pace of things. With me, God felt like it was our time to start our lives together, so we met.

  8. baby girl Says:

    well you are right but you somebody might like you or you can just naturallty meet somebody and they will start to likl you but you have to watch out there are some vishis people out there

  9. eehco Says:

    Well, if you are straight, there are either 3 or 4 men to every 1 woman or the other way around. So it’s either a 33 or 25% chance or a 3 or 4% chance.

  10. dunno Says:

    Optimistic view? I think, honestly, that we have a good chance to find our soul-mate. So many have.
    Pessimistic view? But, the chances are greater that we will fail – so many divorces, so much misery needlessly. Be sure.
    The net helps us meet, and get by that initial guard, more easily.
    Beware though – I fear there are a hundred soul-vampires and manipulators for every real person in cyberspace.

  11. thechristianviewpoint Says:

    I don’t believe there is “the one”. There are many people who you could have a great relationship with. The key is to know what you are looking for, but don’t be too picky, and have an open heart.


  12. James B Says:

    It’s sort of like how birds of a feather flock together… You’re drawn together by forces greater than yourself…. It’s not blind stinking luck…

    Some enchanted evening, you will meet a stranger, across a crowded room!!! You know it the minute you meet them… Bam, this is the one!!! The real ticket is the other person knows it too!!!

  13. chrissy b Says:

    Okay. First of all…the chances are very slim. Your soulmate may be out there, but like you said, there are millions of people in the world, so chances are you have multiple soulmates. The trick is to find someone you can grow with and someone that you make your own. it takes a lot of work, but when things are hard that is how you know you have found the right person.

  14. Guinevere Says:

    look hard enough you will find your soulmate, there is only one out there for you not a billion

  15. tato Says:

    I think the chances are pretty good. There is that thing called ‘fate’ which I believe has something to do with helping you meet up with your soulmate. They say things happen for a reason, and we all head down the paths laid out before us.

  16. bardstale Says:

    I’m not sure what would constitute a soulmate, but my theory is that there are any number of potential soulmate’s out there for everyone. I mean, what are you looking for and how picky are you being? I just hope that when I do find her, she doesn’t think I’m a dork……

  17. Jason W Says:

    Hang in there.
    I found mine and she’s absolutely perfect. I told her when we met that she was going to fall in love with me and we would get married. We’re from totally different backgrounds (country, culture, everything) and totally in love.

    2 and a half years, engaged, and it still feels like we just met. Just as romantic, every bit as much fun, and still learning new things about each other every day.

  18. xingba Says:

    actually, the universe works in a really wierd way. You don’t have to go looking for your soulmate because you will eventually find them no matter what. The universe will send you to each other in the wierdest most unexpected way possible. It’s just your job to keep an open mind to it, let it take care of you and such.
    If you are destined to find each other then it will happen, before we were here, we made a pact with our soulmates to find each other, we just cant remember how, when and where it would take place. alot of people go through thier lives before they meet them and some people meet thier soul mate before the begin their life. It just depends on what you have to go through in order to get to that point and when the universe / your souls decided on your meet. Whether they help you develope yourself, or you meet them after you’ve became who you were meant to be.
    You don’t have to look for them, they WILL find you!

    meeting you’re soul mate will seem like everything around you is moving in slow motion besides the two of you.
    You’ll run into each other soon, and when you do you’ll know and it will be so strange to think of everything that led you up to that point of meeting.

    I’ve met my soul mate and honestly I had a very bizar dream about him the night before I met him. so his face was very familiar to me when we locked eyes on each other the next day.

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